What does Ten Million Ambitions have to do with language learning?

Sometimes, when you start to learn a second, third, fourth, fifth (I could go on) language, it starts to feel like you’re doing quite a bit. Where does your amazingly time-consuming hobby fit into your life? How do you reach your goals?

Most importantly, are you doing enough?

Ten Million Ambitions is a site for language learners, like me, who want to learn it all. It’s a place that says, “Hey! You got this!” but also “Take better care of yourself because you can’t do everything and, truthfully, you don’t need to do everything.”

But still, you try.

There’s so much ambition to do and learn more that it doesn’t seem like there’s enough time. In sharing my own experiences on this site, I hope to encourage others to take a moment and just notice things. Just as you might take a moment to look at the millions of stars in the sky in awe, I hope us language learners can also take the time to look at our progress with the same amount of fascination.

In other words, we’re all pretty cool. So, let’s notice it before we keep trying to be better.