Spring Destination Ideas That Won’t Anger Your Seasonal Allergies

It’s beginning to feel more like spring in Massachusetts. There’s plenty of rain to go around with a bit of beautiful weather in between. The winter jackets and boots are packed away. The hats and gloves are out of sight.

For allergy sufferers, tissue boxes have been placed in strategic locations around your house, in your car, and at work.

Even if the season has been kind to you so far, all it takes is a quick trip to an allergen infested spot to ruin your good time. After all, what’s the point in going somewhere only to be forced to take a Benadryl and pass out?

Well, there’s no reason to play it safe at home in a bubble either. If you’re willing to brave the trouble of travel, there are plenty of places you can go without feeling like you’ll sneeze to death. You might also be happy to know that ocean breezes and traveling far away from your usual surroundings is high on the list.

So, get ready to pack the backup allergy medication and take note of these great spots.

If you’re ready for sunny beach days near the USA…


Laguna Beach California
Laguna Beach Photo by Don Graham (license)

California, Girl

Southern California in particular is a great place to find beautiful beaches, but there’s also no shortage of things to do without lounging on the sand all day. You can check out an art gallery in Laguna Beach, take a long bike ride along “The Strand” in Santa Monica, or even try your luck at surfing.

The best part is that all those ocean breezes can offer some much-needed allergy relief.


Bahamas cruise
Disney Dream in Nassau Photo by CL Photographs (license)

Cruise the Caribbean

If you’re really eager to get away from a pollen heavy hometown, a cruise might be the answer. The ocean air will keep your nose happy and the promise of a new destination will keep your spirits high. If you’re up for some fun, be sure to find a cruise with lots of activities or just go with friends.


Coopers Island Bermuda
Cooper’s Island Bermuda Photo by Peter Burka (license)

Get Lost in Bermuda

Now, if you’re not keen on the typical tropical beach weather, spring is the perfect time to visit Bermuda. Before mid-May, the temperatures don’t usually get much higher than the 70s (°F), which is perfect for those who enjoy the more mild temperatures.

Add in a beautiful beach view and soft ocean breeze and you’ll forget all about your troubles.

If you’re looking for warmth in any other language…


Giza Pyramids Egypt
Giza Pyramids and Sphinx Photo by Sam Valadi (license)

Sift Through the Pyramids

If you’re looking for a breathtaking sight that isn’t the result of sinus issues, consider a tour of the Egyptian pyramids. It’s best to visit before summer hits and the temperatures become uncomfortable anyway, which makes it a great spot for spring travelers looking to get away from all that pollen.


rio-de-janeiro Brazil
Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Brazilian Beach Days

Luckily, there is no shortage of beaches in Brazil, though you might want to stick to the southern parts if you’re worried about too much rain. Though, a rainy season should be great for washing away any allergens.

If you plan on traveling to Rio around Easter, you’ll get the added bonus of attending Carnival!


If the cold doesn’t bother you…


Alaskan Cruise
Alaskan Cruise Ship Disney Wonder Photo by Wilson Hui (license)

Glaciers, Sea, and Sky

Ever thought of going on an Alaskan cruise?

If you’re looking for a trip in late spring, heading up to Alaska isn’t the most popular choice, but that also means cheaper tickets and less crowds. It’s not your typical cruise as the weather is still cold, but you’ll be at the beginning of whale watching season and far away from your usual allergies.


Gullfoss Iceland
Gullfoss Iceland Photo by JackPeasePhotography (license)

Iceland is Always Nice

The flowers shouldn’t be a problem until later on and tickets are much cheaper at this time of the year. If you go before mid-April, there’s a chance you might still get to see the northern lights, too. Otherwise, Iceland still has some amazing waterfalls to explore during the spring.


Lapland Finland
Lapland Finland Photo by Greenland Travel (license)

Hot and Cold in Finland

The weather certainly won’t be hot, but the famous Finnish sauna is nothing to joke about. Spring in Finland also means the beginning of a lot of great festivals, such as Vappu, or Walpurgis Night, a huge nationwide carnival celebration.

Spring is also a great time to visit Lapland, which is perfect for anyone who likes to ski and a bonus for anyone with a dust allergy.

Where else have you gone to escape seasonal allergies? Where would you want to go next?

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